Concentration exercise

Needed: a timer and four cards. On the first card place a large dot, and on the second place two dots side by side. On the third card make a row of three dots and on the fourth card, a similar row of four dots (see below):

· ··
Card One Card Two
··· ····
Card Three Card Four

Set the timer for five minutes. Look at card one until you have a very good idea of that single spot. Now close your eyes and only think of that spot. If any other thoughts come into your mind, simply bring back your focus to that one spot. Cease the exercise when the timer goes off. Your goal in this exercise is to keep that single spot visualized for five minutes and allow nothing else to interfere with your concentration.

When you have very few breaks in your concentration, move on to card two with the two spots and repeat the exercise. Continue this practice until you can keep the two dots in your mind for the full five minutes. When you can do this with card four and its four dots, you will have excellent concentration abilities.

Transcribed by AnonPie