How to Tulpa/Tulpae

By Irish

Reasons for following this guide

I won’t tell you to follow this guide because it’s the ALMIGHTY GUIDE OF KNOWING EVERYTHING. I’ll just say this, I have no reason why you should follow my guide. If you feel like following it then more power to you. This guide is basically my way of giving out info to you. It’s NOT a rule book or a set way to do it. It’s a guideline, just something to help you, BUT please try and do stuff your own way. If you have problems understanding something, think about it first, examine it, and come up with your own way of doing things and share it with the other people who are interested.

How my guide is different than FAQ’s

My guide has the wonderland way and doesn’t work on personality at all (explained more in the guide). I also promote more open interpretation of the guides. I also emphasize how they are guidelines not rules.

Some steps and info

  1. I was bored and found this whole tulpa ordeal a year or so ago and decided I wanted a companion of sorts so the idea of a tulpa really hit home.
  2. I decided on a form and the type of tulpa that I wanted and what I’d use the tulpa for (Basically companionship). I found that in this stage it is best to get rid of ulterior motives and thoughts such as Making a tulpa just for sex or Making a tulpa just so I can beat the crap out of it. These are bad and counterproductive and usually result in a tulpa that will try to hurt you mentally. To get rid of these ulterior motives and thoughts yourselves is up to you. That isn’t what this guide is about.
  3. Once I had a general idea and had gotten rid of my ulterior motives. I made an area in my mind that I called my wonderland for more info on wonderland read Wonderlands and Tulpae, another guide that I wrote.
  4. In my wonderland, with my idea in mind, I made the idea of the tulpa into just a blue cloud and basically started narrating to it. I just kept talking to it and talking to it telling it anything I could. I told it about my day, stories, ideas. If you’re reading this and don’t know what Tulpas are by now than you’re doing it wrong. I’m not gonna go into deep detail, but know this: It’s a Tibetan thought form that is usually used as a discipline and teaching tool at least where it originated from. Most use it for companionship though, so that’s cool too. If you want more info read FAQ_man’s What is a tulpa guide.
  5. After a while I started feeling a funny feeling in the back right of my head towards the spine. This funny feeling is different for everyone. It could be a sense of pain or maybe a light headache, or even extreme pleasure. And know this: the origin of the funny feeling probably won’t be the same spot as mine. Remember everyone’s different
  6. When you have acquired the funny feeling or alien feeling of sorts, start to build on it. Input your feelings, your thoughts, your emotions and energy into it (attention for the non-metaphysics peeps). Be sure to examine it and start to build the foundation of the tulpa.
  7. While you’re building the tulpa from whatever form you started on, be it blue cloud like I did or any other thing you started out with, then while you’re building on the funny feeling build the tulpa up into the form you want it into, so while you’re in your wonderland working on the tulpa or just doing it normally build its form into what you want it to be. Remember: A tulpa will not always stay in the form you want it to be in, most likely it will change its form to your liking and change it in ways that you probably didn’t decide on. If things keep changing repeatedly then you might want to stop it, but either way do not stop a tulpa when it’s changing things. It’s counterproductive and very hard to stop a tulpa from doing so.
  8. While you’re forming it, you’re giving it a lot of attention and energy as well as narrating that may sound hard to do and you will most likely get headaches at this point. Remember you’re making a tulpa which basically means you’re using your mind to very high extents and probably using your head more than you usually do on a daily basis. Well the headaches are NOT a bad thing, they just show you’re doing it alright and as you get more and more headaches you’ll get used to it more and more and as your tulpa finished the headaches will disappear.
  9. Alright here’s the deal you’ll be doing the whole giving energy, narrating, and forming bit for a while. Just cover all your bases over and over again and keep thinking of every part of the tulpa; keep narrating. You’re probably wondering about a tulpas personality at this point. What I did was just allow the tulpa to experience my life as it is and let it see my life through a thing I made in my wonderland called the Library. It has every memory in there and no you don’t have to see every book. It could be a nook for all I care it doesn’t even have to be a library, but y’know it’s just kinda fits if it was a library. This is one way for the tulpa to get a personality. Another way to get a personality for the tulpa with my method is basically letting it get its own (Personally I think the idea of narrating and building the personality is a good idea so follow FAQ_mans guide on that deal). I never really did personality; I let mine get there own personality. I just never really thought about it that much so forgive me.
  10. After a while of narrating, giving attention, and building the tulpa, it should attain the ability to speak to you on its own. At this point you’re doing well and are probably well along your way, know to get to this point more than 10 hours or so are probably needed unless you’re insanely good at this, but do know that everybody is different and your tulpa may not speak until 50 hours in. Everybody’s different, so don’t freak out immediately that it’s not responding to you.
  11. If, at this point, your tulpa is speaking to you and you have a good form in your head, but you haven’t imposed them into your reality, and you’ve got the library memory bit done with your tulpa so that it knows your life, and you know for a fact you’ve covered all your bases and feel like the tulpa is fully autonomous and does everything on it’s own, then I believe you’re ready to impose in into your reality. To do this, simply just take the idea of the tulpa which you can clearly see in your head which is fully autonomous in your wonderland, and literally think it into reality, say on your bed or next to you. Do what FAQ Man said on this part and start subtly from the peripherals of your vision and just kinda go from there. It’ll be hard and YES the face is the hardest part to fully complete into existence, but if you’ve gotten to this point then I know you’re dedicated to finishing it so please bare through it.

Parroting – IMPORTANT

Know this, parroting is basically forcing your tulpa to do whatever you’re thinking of. When a tulpa is autonomous the tulpa will be doing things without you even thinking of it. You’ll have no idea what there thoughts are or why they do things. A sapient tulpa basically is one that can speak for itself and talk by itself and think for itself with no input from you. You’re doing nothing to the tulpa and forcing it to do nothing. It’ll be hard to tell if you’re parroting or not and honestly you’ve gotta find that out yourself. So far it is the biggest problem with people who are tulpaforcing. Prolonged parroting leads to a servitor and not a tulpa. For more info on servitors look at the little info bit in the guides about servitors and tulpas.


There are some types of good parroting, such as parroting it to do something to kick start it, or for voice you can kickstart by making it speak or say whatever you want. It’s generally a good idea to kickstart but sometimes it isn’t needed. DO NOT DO THIS MORE THAN ONCE. Parroting movement is okay in the very first stages of building. Move the arms around yourself to be sure you have what goes where and which anatomical features go where. This is okay in the beginning and is generally acceptable all-together. Now when it gets to the point of that you’re just forcing a tulpa to go somewhere or move around then that is BAD and will lead to a servitor. Do not force the tulpa to do anything. It’s okay to kickstart but don’t do this because it’s pants on head retarded.

(By Irish — Transcribed by JDBar)

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