The Reaches of the Tulpa

By FAQ man (

Many people do not know what having a tulpa is like, and what it can and cannot do. As I have a tulpa myself and at the time of writing am about three weeks into starting another, I feel like I should probably make certain points about this clear. None of the other guides have really addressed this, and I feel like it is time to put a new chunk of information out there.

Firstly, I’ll discuss what a tulpa is like in its own existence, what it can really do. Tulpae do not have any sort of poltergeist skills. Basically this means they cannot move things that are real and tangible. There may be instances of the host (what I will henceforth call the creator of the tulpa) moving something and perceiving it to be the tulpa, but that is just that, not the tulpa actually doing it, as tulpae are psychological and not magickal or ethereal. Other people, pets, sensors and the like cannot sense tulpae. Remember that they are just an advanced hallucination. They are not actually there, and cannot be seen through electromagnetic sensors or the like. This next point is often asked about: No, tulpae cannot see the tulpae of other people.

A tulpa can have powers like flying or shooting fireballs, but know that these are constricted to purely the aesthetic. Also, you must give them the ability from the start; it won’t be something they pull out of their ass one day. For example a tulpa will not take off into the air and start flying one day, because you did not see it as something they could do from the beginning of creation. Another point: tulpae can appear to sit on chairs, beds, lean against walls and the like.

A note on the general appearance of a tulpa: You can see them just like you would a tangible being. There is no murky see through visage or anything. Unless you assumed they would not look completely real from the beginning and inadvertently sort of applied that assumption to them, of course.

Now I’m going to talk about how tulpae perceive their world. They depend entirely on your senses. So, if you are in the same room as them, they will see what you’re seeing except turned around to fit the place they’re standing. If there is an item behind a box or something you cannot see from your point of view, but they could from their point of view, they will not be able to tell you the item. Instead, they would see what you assume to be there. A tulpa’s world depends a lot on your assumptions and the like.

If you were to turn on the television and leave your tulpa in the room with it on, they would not be able to see anything on the screen unless you had already seen it. In other words, they cannot see the new episode of Fringe, but they could see Fight Club (of course you’ve seen fight club, right?) because the memory of it is already in your head. They movie as they see it will be marred, like if you looked away from the screen for a moment or left the room briefly during your only viewing of it.

A tulpa cannot tell you of something you haven’t seen. They can’t spy on things for you, nor can they tell you of anything you haven’t seen.

I’m updating this guide to put down some stuff about what having more than one tulpa entails. At the time of writing I have one fully completed tulpa, and one who is vocal and not fully imposed yet, but is getting there. Both of my tulpae can talk to each other, see each other, hear each other’s thoughts, and see each other. I did not use a wonderland, but my second tulpa can see my first and my first can see my second if I try holding his image in my mind. I think this is all possible because of the fact that I am experiencing the tulpae and because my sensory stimuli and thoughts are siphoned right to them, it’d be possible for them not to know of each other.

Lots of people are fairly interested in the memory recall of the tulpa. In short, should you let them have complete access to the depths of your mind; they can see everything you’ve ever experienced perfectly. This includes emotions at the time of the event. They can recall entire books you’ve read, spit out the lines to all 6 star wars movies, and reiterate entire conversations. But- whether they use these abilities to help you is purely up to them and their morals. Don’t be surprised if your tulpa doesn’t want to help you with 6 hours worth of math homework.

As for memories, a tulpa cannot really help you re-experience memories. They can only tell you about them, and how many details they insert is again, up to them.

Your tulpa can read your mind, and speak to you in your mind at any moment, no matter the distance. This will not be an auditory experience like regular talking with a tulpa; it will be wholly within your mind. As for memories, you cannot access everything the tulpa has ever seen, because really they’re just your memories slightly reworked. If you wish to play a game, you can put up a flimsy block that can last 5 minutes or so. This is actually rather hard to do, and does take practice.

Many people want tulpae to help them with creative ventures, say music or writing. This is entirely possible, although a tulpa cannot be more creative than you are. The tulpa would just be able to unlock the creativity you already have, offer you different ideas based on its own opinions or tastes and the like.

Touch is something a lot of people are interested in when it comes to tulpae. A tulpa can touch you, but it cannot apply pressure. You can touch the tulpa, but cannot apply pressure lest your hand goes right through them. You cannot grab a tulpa or jerk them around, because of this. In the same thread, a tulpa cannot block your way through a door or inflict pain on you.

There is also the matter of a tulpa lying to you. A tulpa can lie, as in state something that is not true, but that doesn’t mean you won’t know that the tulpa is lying. Also you can fight with your tulpa. Just because you understand each other and your motivations perfectly does not mean you can’t get into quarrels. Just the other week, I was playing music. My tulpa and I have EXTREMELY different tastes in music, and he found it to be distasteful. We got in a short argument about the music and by extension music in general, and didn’t talk to each other for around an hour. You will have fights, but you won’t hold a grudge.

If you are standing across a room and are touching something, the tulpa will not be able to instantly feel it. If a tulpa is standing across the room and is doing what you perceive to be touching something, than you will not be able to feel it. Nor will the tulpa be able to tell you about how it feels unless you have touched it before. If you are eating some frosted flakes, the tulpa will not be able to taste them, unless you sort of imagine it eating along with you.

So that’s it for this simple breakdown of what a tulpa can and cannot do. Remember that if you are serious about making a tulpa, you really don’t need to know all of this to make one correctly. Also, you will find out this and more in due time. You don’t need to know all of this stuff, and soon it will become commonplace for you anyways. Don’t sweat knowing every single thing on the matter of tulpae. If I skipped anything you’re interested about, then make a tulpa and test it for yourself!

If I outlined everything in this piece, there would be no surprises left for you to experience. No awe invoking moments that make having a tulpa so interesting and fun. I think knowing everything beforehand would ruin the experience.

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