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New: Patron Member-group!

As a way of acknowledge those who help keep tulpa.info afloat month-after-month, we have a new community.tulpa.info group for those who donate. Image: patron.png

For each month that you donate any amount to tulpa.info (even $1), leave your username in the comments of the donation page, and we will change your account to a Patron account! If you keep donating at least $1/month, the account will stay that way too.

It is also possible to do subscriptions via PayPal (the email is admin@tulpa.info) and it is pretty easy with Patreon, if you wanted to automatically give something every month.

If you would rather donate without being public about it, feel free to indicate that in the donation page comments (or do not provide us with your community.tulpa.info username).

For anyone who has already donated in the past 30 days, create a topic in Talk To Staff. We will be happy to add you to this group!

What are we using our funding for?

The funds donated will first go into paying off the debt inured through the work put into this site, and then used for other site-related funding, such as: I paid off (most of) that debt! Now it will go to:

Software & Hosting
Paying for servers (and some day, a really good dedicated server), investing in web-based software, and keeping the site running for years to come.
Setting up targeted advertising for the site on mature, science-oriented, communities.
Much more
Possibly premium plugins for the community, a paid developer, and other features!