Planning out a Tulpa

Many people have an idea of the kind of tulpa they want to make. While it certainly helps to know how you want your tulpa to look and what personality you want it to have, it isn’t necessary. You can even use a loosely defined form like a cloud or an orb of light and allow your tulpa to choose its own form later. You can do similarly with personality by not working much on it besides the tulpa’s ‘core’ personality. Or you can choose to not work on personality or form at all and see what your tulpa becomes.

Occasionally tulpa will change something about themselves, and it may surprise you, but there is no reason to worry about it as long as both of you are content with it. It’s important to remember that fighting deviation does not help your tulpa, because more often than not the tulpa changes because it wants to. Imagine that you had control over your physical form, and the person closest to you kept trying to deny you some change that you wanted. You would likely find it very frustrating. In the experience of the users we have, tulpas generally hate when you fight deviation. So, don’t be controlling of your tulpa and instead be willing to accept change.