“For Science!”

Some of the most real things we experience are not part of what most consider reality.

If you were told it were possible to convince your mind that something existed when it physically didn’t, and that it would become real to you, would you believe it? Maybe down to small, inanimate things or superstitions – seeing faces in shadows or shapes in half-awake states that seem to be people. But what if you were told that you could create a separate entity in your mind – one that thinks, feels, and acts for itself? An entity that speaks to you audibly, an entity that you can see just as vividly as you see anyone or anything else? Could you believe it?

If you’re interested, you’ve taken your first step into the world of the tulpa phenomenon.

A tulpa is a consciousness that is very much like your own, in that has its own opinions, preferences, personality and so on. It can communicate with you, can have its own form, and can understand you like no one else could. It can give you second opinions on things and come up with original ideas of its own. A tulpa lives inside your brain, very much like you do.

The purpose of this site is to educate people about tulpas, help people make a tulpa and be a source of information on tulpas from the scientific perspective.

On tulpa.info you can find our research section, where we research and discuss tulpas and try to understand everything concerning them. We have internet relay chat rooms (IRC) where people can quickly find answers about tulpas. You can also read progress logs from other people that document their methods and experiences, and what happened to them during the creation processes of their tulpas.