Further Development

You don’t have to see your tulpa only in your mind’s eye. If you want to, you can see them in reality like any other living being. You won’t be able to just see them, but you will be able to perceive them with your other senses as well. They won’t have a physical body; this is only an illusion of them being in reality. Even then it’s possible to make an illusion that allows you to physically feel your tulpa’s form, though your body will pass through your tulpa’s form when you apply too much force onto the illusion. Working on being able to perceive your tulpa in real life is called imposition and a tulpa that can be perceived by its creator in real life is said to be imposed. When your tulpa is fully imposed, you can reportedly sense their relative location to you. You don’t have to feel this “sense”, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t.

A tulpa exists in your mind, but it’s possible to learn to let them interact with the reality by controlling the body with your permission. This can only be done with the host’s consent (implied or explicit), so don’t worry about your tulpa starting to control the body out of nowhere. It’s also possible to easily grab control back if your tulpa is controlling the body and doing something you don’t want them to do, but it’s better to first ask them to stop doing it. The act of the tulpa controlling the body is called possession. Possession can be also used for the tulpa to use vocal chords to talk (which usually makes it sounds different from the host) and it’s possible to develop the technique to a point where you and your tulpa can quickly change who is talking.

It is also possible to learn how to “switch places” with a tulpa, making them become the host and you the tulpa until you switch again. It’s a technique that requires effort from both parties, so your tulpa won’t randomly switch with you. This technique is simply called switching. After successfully switching, you will be able to see and feel the mindscape and other tulpas (if you have more than one) with all your senses much more clearly, and you will be able to ignore the physical body’s needs and senses while being in this state. Meanwhile the tulpa will be able to control the body as well as you could, because it will be using your muscle memory. It will feel the body in same way the host does and interact with the world directly.

There are also other things that you can do with your tulpa and it’s hard to cover all of them here as we are discovering more and more of them every few weeks. It’s a good idea to do more research by looking around the website for other things you could do.

An Imaginary World

Not everyone is completely comfortable visualizing their tulpa in a void. Many people have a mental realm (or an imaginary world if you prefer), where they and their tulpas can go to and interact with the world. The world can be anything from an expansive fantasy landscape, a modest grassy knoll, the room you’re in, a flat plane marked by grid lines, to a painting. The rules and laws of physics of the wonderland are also completely up to you and your tulpas. The world continues to exist there even if you aren’t paying attention and so your tulpas can use it as a place to live when the host is occupied. It can be used for other things as well, e.g. as a place where you play with your tulpas, as a place where you visualize your tulpas, as a place where you can create many things that would be impossible in reality (like a tesseract – the 4D cube). This concept is often referred to as mindscape, dreamscape or wonderland. It isn’t necessary to have one, but it very often helps.

Closing note

Once you’ve created a tulpa, there are other amazing things you can do with your mind. All throughout the Tulpa.info forums there are experiments, experiences and the like that push the boundaries of what we know about tulpas and their relationship with our minds to new frontiers. The community at Tulpa.info is all about research into creation of tulpas, what they can do and how they help us accomplish amazing things. And every week that goes by, we have learned more and more. The community is constantly growing and changing based on that research. If developing a tulpa is something you want to do, then this is the community you’re looking for, and we’re glad to have you.

We wish you luck with the commitment you’re about to begin. Enjoy the experience, and if you have questions, search the forums, ask in the IRC, or send an email.