Why Have a Tulpa?

The process of tulpa creation is incredibly personal. For some it’s a journey of self-discovery; for others, enlightenment. Some are in it merely for the scientific and psychological breakthroughs it proposes. Some want a super best friend. Some want to push the boundaries of reality as we know it. In any case, it’s a rare occasion when a creator is disappointed in the result.

The most prevalent reason is the bond. Creators tend to have incredibly close and personal relationships with their tulpas. And why wouldn’t they? A bond with one’s tulpa is often extremely strong, because they can know you intimately, understand you, and generally like and trust you almost implicitly and all this is due to them being in the brain with you. That allows them to understand you like no other person, because they can know (if you decide to open up to them) all your memories, your thoughts, reasons for doing things in the past that others wouldn’t understand. You might fear that tulpa might dislike you for what it can find in your memories or thoughts, but very often they are very understanding of the creator and so they will understand why you did those things.

Being a part of your mind, a tulpa can also act as a controller of sorts for psychological processes. It can help you control your anger, it can help you calm down when you need it, it can help you concentrate more on what you are doing at a time, it can get help you get rid of your nightmares and it can help you with other things as well. The possibilities of what a tulpa can do are still a broad subject of research on tulpa.info, but we can certainly say they can help you with many things.