FAQ Man’s Trait Template

By FAQ man (tulpa.faq@gmail.com)

So, in the personality guide I outlined a method using a number of broad traits and then defining how each trait fits within your tulpa’s personality as a whole. This wasn’t enough direction for some people, so I’m making this little template.

Trait: (should be something like: intelligent, willful, contrary, ect. Can be positive or negative, it doesn’t really matter. If it has more than one word, it’s probably not a trait but a specification of a trait, and you can find a better word for it.)

Why does the trait exist? (So for a trait like bored you could say because of a mixture of lack of creativity and intelligence, X is often bored. Or something like that.)

How the trait impacts self image: (So for example, pride might impact self image by having the tulpa see them selves as awesome. Where as them being unintelligent might make them think of themselves as stupid)

How does the tulpa feel about the trait? (A trait like creativity might make the tulpa feel artistic and special or something, you know, like that.)

How the trait impacts hobbies: (an intelligent tulpa might pick books over television or something to that nature)

How the trait impacts the interpretation of situations: (one tulpa might see adventure as fun, if it’s brave, where as another could see it as completely fucking horrendous and oh god we left the car open on the side of the road and I think I just saw a person in the brush over there can we please go back)

How a neutral person might perceive the tulpa because of the trait: (You’re lazy so you must also be a gluttonous parasitic fatass You’re creative so you must be open minded and good at solving problems)

How the trait impacts rationale: (I punched that guy in the face because he deserved it!~Hotheaded tulpa I punched that guy in the face because I lost control~Realist tulpa I punched that guy in the face on accident!~Sly tulpa It wasn’t even me!~Immature tulpa Does his face even exist? ~Philosophical tulpa. You shouldn’t depend on a situation, but just how they generally rationalize)

How the trait impacts overall morality: (seems pretty self explanatory)

How the trait impacts outlook: (obviously an insecure tulpa is going to see things differently from a confident one, so on and so forth)

What are some of your tulpa’s dislikes, and how are they affected by the traits?

How do your tulpa’s traits impact religious faith, or belief system (or lack there of)? (This encompasses atheists, agnostics, nihilists, ect)

(Hypothetically) How does the tulpa try to appear in different social circles? (I’m not saying to make up situations, but define things like close friends, family, ect. This is how the tulpa tries to appear, what sort of face it would put on)

How would your tulpa handle X emotion based on the trait? (Try to do 10 or so main base emotions, and don’t think about the physical reaction or the situation, think purely about the emotion and how it affects your tulpa’s state of being)

So of course you can feel free to add or modify this. Here’s another thing I think is good to do as far as traits go. You want to do a number of hours for personality. A good median would be around 16 and a half hours, right? Right. So, if you’re feeling like you don’t want to do the whole 30 traits for 15-30 minutes but you still want a fleshed out personality, I’m going to offer this other method that might work better for people with a shorter attention span.

Pick 100 traits, 25 dislikes, 25 likes, 25 hobbies and 25 topics of interest (these being large topics, like WWII, sports, the middle ages, dragons, whatever). Give all 100 traits the above treatment, for 5 minutes a trait. This is already going to be 8 hours. Then, with all the other things, why does your tulpa like it, and how does it relate to its traits? This will give you 16.666666 hours, says my calculator.

I guess that’s it.

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