IRC Chat

The tulpa chat channels are located at the Rizon IRC network at The main ones are and #tulpa.lounge. It is recommended to connect to the channels using an IRC client, but you are also free to use the KiwiIRC web-based client by clicking here. Channel activity varies over the course of the day. Please hang around for a few minutes for a response. If nobody is active, try back later.

If for some reason that webchat does not work, you can use Mibbit instead.

The old channels on are closed now. Please join us on Rizon.

Note: To join a channel other than the ones that open automatically, say /join and the name of the channel in the chat. For example, to join #tulpa, say /join #tulpa.


We also have a pretty active Discord server, which tends to be more active than IRC at present. Feel free to check it out: